Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not the Traditional Happy Birthday Song....

I couldn't get this song to post without Phillip's birthday greeting, but it was too dang funny (and fitting!) not to share! Plus, I know I'm loved and am loving growing up/old with him as well!!!!!

"are the hair's on your head turning gray?"
"is your favorite hobby sleeping?"
"always got a pain or an ache?"
"wrinkles need ironing?"
"dangling bits all droopin'?"
"then you're very, very, very, very old!"

"if you think birthdays are a curse, well the alternative is worse...."

**** click on the link below to hear "my" song

***this photo was taken by Kristin on Monday, April 28 at my croppin' birthday party with the girls. German Chocolate Cake - my fave and an adorable cupcake embroidered doily (the embroidered cupcake isn't visible in the photo, but it's cu-ooot!)

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