Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three Boxes.

Three boxes down. Many more to go.

Many, many, MANY more! But, for now I'm content just opening, sorting (and trashing!), reminiscing, and temporarily re-toting the contents of these first three.

As I said, lots of memories have been packed away in these boxes. These boxes have lived in 3 states and several houses. They've seen temperature extremes too. So hot, that a few of the candles packed in there are almost un-recognizable globs of wax. My first thought, in TRUE PACK RAT STYLE, was to keep them and use them for Halloween decoration. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!!

Ok. (maybe to re-melt and make new candles)...OK. I've moved on.....

Any who, here's a little tour of some sentimental items stowed away for SO long....

In NO particular order....

A little snow couple Ty made for me many, many Christmases ago.

Another little snowman. Much in the Nightmare Before Christmas genre. I LOVE him!
Bubble gum machine I bought for Phillip one Christmas up in Washington. Second-hand, of course!

Bag-O-Rocks. ??? Must have been a field trip or something...Can't remember....

Pewter cups. Bought at the first Renaissance Faire we went to together several years ago.

My ACTUAL wedding bouquet. Circa 1985. All pink and lavender. It's gotten pretty squished packed away in a box. Bummer! But, I'm not the type to put it in a glass dome!

...and the flowers I wore in my hair on that special day.

One of my mom's nursing books. She's worked in several hospitals and provided in-home care for lots of people, including, the famous skier and woman the 1975 movie, The Other Side of the Mountain was based on, Jill Kinmont Boothe. I was in elementary school then. We lived in Bishop, CA and I remember going to her house with my mom. She always had lots of books to read, including Curious George. I still like Curious George - vintage George, that is. My fave was when he swallowed the puzzle piece. The man with the big yellow hat was VERY, VERY patient! 

A patriotic blue bottle my sister, Lisa, gave to me several years ago.

One of my teddy bears from childhood. Used to be really bright white and fuzzy. Has a rattle in the tail and used to have yellow and pink felt flowers up by its ear.  *** edited to add: I found this photo of me on Christmas morning with my brand new bear! My sister, Lisa, got one too. Only hers was brown. I talked to her tonight, and she no longer has hers. Now, I'm kind of sad.

A terra cotta clock/thermometer. Bought this for our very first "owned" home up in Washington. It hung on our back patio. Bunnies....

A pair of A.J. toddler shoes.

A simple glass bottle with very old flower petals in it. Romance at it's best. I had this floating in a hot tub with a love note in it, wax sealed cork, and a VERY long ribbon that trailed all the way through the rented honeymoon cabin up near Hood Canal, WA.

This is one of the oldest items I own. It's vintage decoupage by my Grandma Mattie. I believe it was a gift to my mother that she handed-down to me. My Grandma Mattie passed away when I was a kid - maybe 11 or 12. I hadn't seen her since I was 5. We lived in Washington and she lived in Texas. ** edited to add: I found this picture of this plaque hanging on my Mom's living room wall when I was a kid. You can only see the very bottom of it, over there on the left above my Mom's head. Even my sister got all "warm and fuzzy" when she saw this picture. Mom was younger then, than I am now. Where does the time go???

The plate my mom gave to us on our wedding day.

I believe Kyle made this little dish. Axxe references a dragon model kit that Phillip was designing.

Dopey's Mom. Yep. I was Dopey's mom. One Halloween, Kyle was Dopey and a couple friends of mine custom made me this hat to wear while Trick-or-Treating. Fun times! I wore it proudly!!!

There were lots of cards, invitations, notes, kids artwork, old papers in those boxes. This one was our 1/2-way point so far. "13 years in a row"!

THE journal that made me cry.

Blurry photo, but these little horoscope scrolls are from 1984. My 16th birthday. Phillip took me to Knott's Berry Farm. Funny how Phillip's is Pink and mine is Blue.

A Honeymoon Souvenir. We were young and this was all we could afford. A 4" Lake Mary - Mammoth Lakes, CA letter opener.

AND last, but definitely not least, a Winnie-the-Pooh WEEBLE!

What's in your boxes? Do you have boxes? I do. Lots MORE!!!



Kristin Michael said...

So please tell me you threw away all the crap EXCEPT that adorable snowman that Ty made. It's the cutest. :)

You have a pic of all of it now. no need to keep.

patinamarie said...

...yeah, but....the pictures aren't that good!!! LOL

Thanks for the kick-in-the rear to get rid of stuff, but this stuff, is, well, treasured stuff. Lots of memories... how do I just throw it away???

Kristin Michael said...

How about having one special box for "treasures" and only keeping what fits inside. You could make a fabulous little mini album with pics of all the rest of the "stuff" to keep inside the treasure box. The memory about the item could be written on the page and saved for the future. Personally, I'd rather inherit my mom's memories of her stuff than the actual stuff.

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