Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Little Guy.

Once Upon A Time...

There was this little guy.

So clean. So sweet. So innocent.

Now he is 16 1/2. He has his learner's permit and his restricted class c scooter license. Oh the freedom of a scooter...(during daylight hours and in dry weather, otherwise, Mom's taxi rolls!)

Yesterday, he and I drove all over town (mind you, town is not THAT big), but we went to all the clothing stores, including the second-hands, looking for a formal, all-black dress shirt and all black - not too wide, not too skinny - neck tie for his Winter Formal last night from 8-11.

Well, after no luck finding the right size 14 small, we went to WalMart. The last place I thought we'd find something formal-ish. Now keep in mind, I'm not a WalMart snob, I like to save money as much as the next Mom, but I thought...well, let's just say, I didn't think of WalMart.

Any who, we got him his shirt and tie. Soon we realized that no one in our house wears ties - 4 males, but none have that kind of job dress requirement...So we called upon Janice's hubby, Dan, who also does NOT wear ties, but was in the military, so he knew how. Now, so does A.J.

Came home. A.J. ironed out the wrinkles, first time ever using an iron. He didn't want to wash and dry the shirt because he didn't want the really cool (crisp and pointy) collar to get "ruined". He did a good job ironing, by the way! I don't think that iron has been used in 15 or more years!!!

When we were in the store, A.J. asked, "Mom, do we even have an iron? I know you have that really heavy, old rusty one, but I don't think that will work." He was talking about an iron I have from, well, who knows how old it is...but it's decoration in the laundry room!

I took him to the dance at 8. Wished him a fun evening with his date and his friends.

Went back to pick him up at 11. He was already outside waiting for me. UH OH! He told me he hadn't been outside long, but did tell his date goodbye and left the dance. UH OH!

What happened? "Well, Mom. My date brought her best friend (from another high school), and the friend kept interrupting every time I'd try and talk to my date. The friend kept crying all night long."

Now keep in mind, I'm not the type of Mom that is easily shocked or offended by what I hear. I've raised, well, technically, still raising 3 young men. I work in a shop/studio full of men. I've heard a lot. I've seen a lot.

So, next, A.J. says, "The friend kept crying and crying and crying. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend got some other girl pregnant and she is really upset! I couldn't even enjoy the dance. I didn't slow dance ONCE! I don't think I'm going to go to anymore dances. They are boring and not worth the money."

Oh, the innocence. Poor A.J. 16 1/2. Winter Formal. Beautiful date (he said) AND a third wheel with ex-boyfriend issues...

I told him, "Well, the best friend should be happy that she's not the one that's pregnant by the guy!" He agreed!!!

I guess he's growing up....

Too bad about the dance though. He loves dances!

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