Saturday, January 9, 2010

Single Photo Saturday #2 - Moving at a Snail's Pace....

Maybe things are moving a little slowly, as far as the New Year's Resolutions are concerned, but I did get through 3 boxes from the greenhouse/storage area today.

Boxes that have been packed up since 2001! You read right. 2001. The boxes I packed away when we moved from Washington to Oregon. The boxes that were NEVER un-packed when we moved from Oregon to the rental house in California. The same boxes that were moved from the rental house in California to the house we eventually bought and were stored up in the garage rafters. The SAME ones that were taken down from the rafters and put into the moving truck for our move back to Oregon.

They've been stored upstairs in the greenhouse/storage room since 2004!

It's 2010. Time to go through the boxes. I found a ton of things today in those first 3 boxes.

I hope to give a "what's in the box" tour this week. Some fun. Some sentimental. Some...why on earth?! But, all of it was "Oh, I remember this!!!" ...and NOT just from me. Phillip and the boys too....lots of memories....!

Happy Saturday.

**heavy garden snail with vintage rust from Washington rain

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