Monday, January 18, 2010

Making "Mouse" Calls.....

Phillip and I are off on a long road trip to make a few deliveries and attend several meetings.

I probably won't be blogging this week. It's amazing how when we plan to go South for a meeting, it turns into back-to-back, day-after-day meetings. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It just makes for some very long days. Long days that make you really, really hungry. Long days that make your face tired from always being "on" with smiles. Long days that are full of leap-frogging from one place to another. AND then there's the LONG drive back - well, actually, in my case the LONG ride back. I'm not driving the big truck!

But, at least I'll have good company. We'll talk and laugh. Then I'll sleep while he listens to his music. Then we'll stop and we'll eat. Then we'll talk some more. AND then the cycle will repeat itself. We've had several road trips over the years to perfect this ritual...!

Even though we haven't even departed yet, I know I'll be glad to be home. I like it at home.

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