Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wow! What a Beee-u-teee-full Day!!!!

Spring has FINALLY arrived! Knowing our luck though, days like this will be short-lived and it'll be hot summer with just a blink of the eye.

No matter. Today it topped out at 70, crystal clear blue skies. Very, very light breeze. Opened the windows and aired out the place. A PERFECT DAY!

This is our favorite time of year. With all the wonderful new life springing forth everywhere we look. And even if it does get chilly or even rain, at least we know it won't last long. Unlike Fall, another fave for the colors - but also a least fave 'cause we know we're in for a long cold, wet winter!

So I decided in honor of the day, I'd share a few lovely's from the yard.

Here is a shot of the sweet smelling Lilac in the back yard. OH, how I LOVE the Lilac. There are two shrubs next to each other - one this deep purple and the other is a light lavender shade. These came with the house, but they just keep getting bigger and better. I prune out the dead branches in early Spring before blooming or mid Summer after blooming. Not really sure when they are SUPPOSED to be pruned, but they just don't seem to mind. Discovered another deep purple one on the other side of the house a couple of weeks ago. First year to bloom, so we didn't even know it was there. What a nice surprise!

Next, here is a Osteospermum - Summertime - Lavender. It is a Perennial. Comes back every year - so far. I planted it two years ago. It has such pretty lavender flowers.

Just discovered these beauties. Guess they decided to bloom this year too. They are the most beautiful fruit punch red tulips with ruffled edges. I believe these are called Parrot Tulips. ?
This single tulip almost looks fake with the sun shining through its petals.

There are other "somethings" waiting to burst open in this same barrel of soil. Can't wait for that surprise. Maybe they are Irises? We'll see in a couple of days, I'm sure.

Next, are these Columbines. I'll be honest, I don't remember these last year either. I harvested a bunch of seeds in the Fall from a smattering of Red/Yellow Columbines in this area of the yard, but then I was surprised by these popping open now! Go figure. I really like the Red/Yellow ones, but I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE this color combination. Actually, there are two types here. Same colors, just different shades. FUN!!!! AND you can bet your sweet bippy, I'll be harvesting as many of these seeds as I can get my hands on!

I just love happy little surprises.

Here is the "valley" view today. Just look at that weather! I'm in Happy Land!

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