Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Blank Slate

Whoo Hoo!!!!

Our front yard - slope - that has been SO back breaking to mow every year, is now leveled out. Well, as leveled out as it can be without bringing in top soil.

No more pot holes (old tree holes). No more stumps. No more steep slopes going in 5 different directions.

Now it's a blank slate! The crab grass can grow back. I don't care! It can be mowed in a horizontal motion - back and forth and forth and back. We won't get to the landscaping of this area any time soon. Actually, it's on the furthest back burner of the to-do list, but it is progress and looks a whole lot better.

There are a ton of other things to do - inside and out, but I've been wishing this area would be smoothed over for almost 5 years! And NOW it's done!

Just goes to show, that me saying "eventually" this and "eventually" that, eventually becomes DONE! One more thing to cross off the LIST!

30 year mortgage, 30 years of doing.....

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