Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm the MOM, that's why....

My boys. My three boys.

I know I've said it before, but I really miss my boys. You know, just being around all the time and in my hair. When they were little and always in my hair, I just wished they'd "grow up already" AND blink - they did. And now, I miss them.

Kyle's in Idaho, but he'll be home for a visit in 6 days! YAY! Ty is living back at home, in his own space. A.J. is just about to finish his Freshman year of highschool. Better not Blink, or he'll be out of high school too.

Feels like just yesterday, I was taking those annual first-day-of-school photos in front of the school. Even though they were taller than they were the year before, I was still taller than them. Now they are all taller than me. When did that happen? I must be vertically shrinking.

I took care of them in every way a mother could. Now two of them are pretty much taking care of themselves. Now they tell me about their rent. Their bills. Their jobs. Their car payments. Their lives without me.

I think I'm learning to let go and not "mother" them as much, but I'm still the mom. I'll always be the mom. And they'll always be my boys! I'll always love them, unconditionally - even when they point out my gray hairs, make comments about my aging and ever widening body parts. Thanks boys! I love you too!

Me, the 41 year-old MOM! Old, overweight, with gray hair.

Ty and his girlfriend, Stephanie

A.J. - self portrait - way close-up.

NO recent photo available of Kyle - Haven't seen him since Christmas!!!! But, you better believe it, I'll be taking some when he comes home!!!!!! In the meantime, here is a cartoon of him from his My Space page. Not sure who this is a cartoon of, really, but it's a pretty good rendition 
of him!

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