Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mixed Emotions....

So. I've been asked to blog already! Where have I been? What have I been doing? Certainly NOT blogging lately.

Ok. Ok, already.

I've been busy. NO, we didn't win the $170 Million Dollar Oregon Lottery, only $6.00, but....I REALLY am a BARGAIN hunter and make every dollar count!!! Here's the run down.....

Planning the front entry stairs and walkway. (oh, how I love to plan....)

Dreaming about every corner of the house that needs to be finished. (free time?)

Painting in the kitchen and in Phillip's office. (already had the paint)

Preparing the baseboard trim for Phillip's office. (finally!!!!)

Building privacy bedroom walls. (damn the expense! gotta have a bedroom wall!)

Buying new kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts (unpainted!).

Ordering a couple more interior doors. (Got a great deal at Lowe's - price matching is a wonderful thing!)

Buying new dinnerware. (online. on sale. free shipping!)

Buying new drinking glasses. (one glass at Pier One - $3.00. A whole case of 12 online - $20!)

Weeding weeds and yanking out crabgrass. (I should've gotten paid, but no one would hire me!)

Mowing the mountain. (sweat equity at its finest!)

Planting flowers.(birthday $$$)

Planting a Salsa Garden. (birthday $$)

Coordinating concrete contractors. (fun, fun, fun)

Surfing (the internet) for rock stair treads. Learning more than one woman should EVER know about sandstone, limestone, ledgestone, flagstone, basalt, bluestone, paving stone, cultured stone, cut rock veneers, capstones, stamped concrete, concrete vs. cement, powdered concrete tints, acid washes, etc....

Shopping. (the reward! that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!)

Yes, like I REALLY need to bring home more stuff! I really need to follow that whole - get rid of two things for every one you bring home - rule! Sure, I make the piles of "get rid of", but the piles just become piles. They never seem to make their way somewhere else. Gotta really, REALLY work on that one.

So anyways. Enough whining about the piles. Here is a little "treasure" I found today.

It's a cute little Radio Flyer wagon. You can see the embossed words RADIO FLYER under the old paint.

You see, just today, at work, Ty told me to keep my eye open for a Radio Flyer wagon. He wants to restify one old-style - ie: paint one to look old and worn out; paint on old-style graphics; and then clear coat it with flat sheen clear coat paint. He will then use it when he goes to classic Datsun swap meets to tote all his treasures - yup, it runs in the family!!!!

So, anyway. Just a few hours after our conversation, on my way home, I stopped by our local S.Army store. AND guess what??? TWO, Radio Flyers. One large rustic blue one and a smaller one (but not a miniature) sitting inside it. Oh YEAH!!! (didn't you just hear the ol' Kool-Aid guy there?)

I spied them and made a B-line towards them. Just as one of the clerks - don't know her name, but she's helped me before - walked up and made the comment that they don't make them like they used to. I told her I was buying both of them. I took the small one out and was looking at the wheels on Ty's new (surprise!) treasure. Just then a woman walks up and comments that the large one will definately hold alot of stuff. I agreed. The three of us - me, clerk, woman - were making small talk. AND then the woman says she wants the small wagon!!!! She is buying the small wagon!!! She saw it earlier and came back for it!!!! NO WAY JOSE!!!!

Normally, I would smile and concede, but I was having flashbacks of the little red scooter fiasco - pronounced LOSS! This wasn't going to happen to me AGAIN!

I told her, Sorry! But I was buying the little wagon. The clerk agreed that I had already told her I was buying both. She didn't want Ty's. She wanted this one. The woman, clearly, wasn't happy. I REALLY did feel kind of bad, but I couldn't lose this one. It is perfect for SO many things!!! Potted plants in the spring. Stacked pumpkins in the Fall. Christmas packages at the holidays.

I am remorseful - a little! I know what goes around, comes around. But, I think I already GOT my loss. AND yet, I caused a loss!

How would you have handled this?

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