Friday, May 22, 2009


...and girls.

Remember sleep overs?

From time to time, the scrapping girls and I still get to have sleep overs. Only they aren't at my house or theirs. We rent a hotel room or a condo or a chalet. We still get to wear our jammies, stay up until all hours of the night, snack on everything we can get our hands on - especially CHOCOLATE! and talk and laugh until our sides hurt.

We tell stories. Gossip. (oops! maybe I shouldn't have said that!) Watch movies. Sit in the hot tub. We've even played a "who's gonna win" game on Oscar night and played Wii bowling and tennis at one sleep over.

Sleep overs never get old, no matter how old we get.

A.J. had a sleep over last night and again tonight - busy guy.

Anywho, a while ago, when Phillip and I moved out of the upstairs bedroom and A.J. moved in, I removed the locking door knob from the door. Yes, we have a locking door knob on our bedroom - well, technically, right now we DON'T have a bedroom door, but NORMALLY, when we have a door, we have a lock on it. Have for a long time. In a house with three kids and all their friends, it's just a good thing to have - for many reasons.

Anywho, again, I removed the door knob and his door has a hole where it once was.

His new door is in the basement waiting to get painted and installed - we have his new door knob too, an oiled bronze one.

So, back to the hole.

I pretty much respect his privacy in his room. He has never given me any cause or suspicion otherwise, but I just couldn't resist last night, when his door was closed, to stick the camera into the hole and click off a shot of him and his friend playing video games.

I think it's a cool shot.

They thought it was funny too!

BTW See that ugly, shiny, crane (birds) wall paper in the background? It came with the house and Phillip and I just lived with it. UGGGH! When he moved into the room he painted all the white walls green and black (yes, black!). We were going to tear down the wallpaper and repaint it too, but we mutually decided that it would be a whole lot easier and more fun to just buy a pack of colored Sharpies and let the fun begin!

I drew an eyeball on the wall and wrote "I've got my eye on you!" (but not through the hole in the door! I swear!). Since then, every visitor to his room has doodled something. Song lyrics, quirky things, band names, advice, doodles, etc.... What fun!!!

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