Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little change.....

How do you like the new blog colors? I like them so much better than the pastel blue. Much more my style than the washed-out blah....

So, today was absolutely the most beautiful Spring day! Upper 50's, clear blue sky and the sun shining in. I opened the blinds to let the sun in the house, opened the sunroof in the Mitsubishi and didn't even have to wear my Winter jacket!!!

Oh how I love SPRING. I'm realistic, however, and know that tomorrow the weather could change drastically, with temps dipping low enough to require the fireplace and the rains will certainly pour from the sky. Oh well, today was my favorite day - Saturday - in my favorite season and my favorite temp! I'll take it. Even if it's only one day here and there until Summer.

The warm weather is getting me thinking about the upcoming events - tag sales, second-hand finds, treasure hunting. Oh, how I love a good treasure hunt. I always seem to find something that I must have. The last couple of days, I've been thinking seriously about starting a bi-annual greenhouse sale. Maybe one in the Spring and one in the Fall. I can just picture the greenhouse chock full of all my finds that have been given a second life and looking for a new home.

Can you just picture it in your mind too? Hand-stamped price tags, thank you notes, stationery. Hand-sewn Christmas stockings and gift bags. French country style furnishings. Oh, it could be so fun. For me at least. I have SO many collected treasures I could share. Maybe serve some spiced cider and hot chocolates with dainty decorated cookies - pastels in the spring and gingerbreads in the Fall.

I just know this would fill the need to create and to share at the same time. The boys aren't little and needy anymore and if I plan my days right - like get up early (I know that's a stretch, but I could do it!!!) and get my business manager duties completed more effectively...This might just be the ticket.

I'll take inventory first. Muck out the Greenhouse. Paint it cottagey and paint the canning kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint. Maybe I would hang some little clear twinkly lights. I could even put up and stencil some slat wall board with some fun quotes to hold merchandise. I'd work there during the year - it has air conditioning and is plumbed for the pellet stove. Heck, it even has a bathroom already! Perfect to hold a sale twice a year.

Maybe I could even grow some plants to sell. It IS afterall a GREENHOUSE!!! Wouldn't it be fun to host a garden party. Growing little pots of posies and then getting together for posie-swapping party? Little decorated cup cakes. Mini-sandwiches cut in fun shapes. Fresh squeezed lemonade with strawberries and a sprig of mint. I can just picture giving everyone a custom made, personality apron to wear. OK, so maybe that's a stretch, but I think it would be a blast!!!

I'm sure I won't sleep tonight thinking about all this. Patina Marie and Company - in case any of my friends want to play too. But, even if it never, ever happened, daydreaming is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!

Happy Saturday! May all YOUR daydreams keep you awake too!

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