Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be My Valentine. Then. Now. Always...

Today I celebrated the 25th Valentines Day with my REAL sweetheart. Sweeter than any pastel candy heart and much more
"conversation"! My P.S., I LOVE YOU!!!!

I can't believe it's been that long. Pinch me. Has it really been a quarter-century? Was it that long ago that I was 15? Guess so, cause in just a handful of weeks I'll be 40! 25 years of emotional BLISS with my soul-mate. My best friend. Happy Valentine's Day, Honey. I LOVE YOU - Forever.

A long time ago, and I was hopeful that we didn't have that "bond" just because we spent so many times apart. We'll for the last handful of years we've been together everyday - work and play - and we are still just as happy together.

I read another womans blog the other day, and she said she was married, raised three kids and then when "empty-nest" season came along, she found herself alone. Instantly alone. Her "soul mate" left her. I don't want to be that woman. 50 and alone. I want to rock in the rocking chairs together. I want to continue our dream together. To keep on planning for our future. Even if the future somehow always ends up being now.

Only a few more years until our three boys leave us with an empty nest. Maybe it's just the whole turning 40. Maybe it's that Ty has already moved and Kyle is determined to be right behind him - but I seem to be thinking about this more and more these days. Way back when, I used to think that we had something so special that it couldn't possibly be real or last. But it has lasted, and I'm just as happy now as I ever was. And the best part? My P.S. tells me everyday that he is just as happy and wants to grow old (or continue to grow OLDER) with me too! Thank you for being MY VALENTINE -today and everyday!

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