Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Future Home...

Imagine, if you will...

a new glass/metal door....

pressure washed sidewalk...

weeds gone!

some cute, rustic, rusty focal point - truth be told? I'd LOVE. LOVE. LOVE an old, vintage, rusty truck out front....cut in half lengthwise...with the bed of the truck staged with goodies, but I've been told those are very expensive...and I would be hunted by the antique auto restorers for doing such a treacherous deed!

a rust, brown, cream striped fabric awning....

new paint scheme....rust. brown. cream.

I need some input.

Dark blue = rust or chocolate brown?

Medium gray trim = rust or chocolate brown?

Light gray body = cream!

Or I could just leave it "as-is" so it looks like our main building and spend my budget inside...???


I got a quote to replace this 30' re-dress it would be about $2000. It was originally about a $3000-3500 adventure! I know!!! YIKES!!! Who knew? It was here when we bought the place.

But, the nice man at the awning business suggested I just PEEL off the vinyl lettering and graphics...WOW! I thought it was screen-printed. Guess I never looked at it that closely.

Hot weather lately? Yeppers! They just peeled right off...a $2000 savings in just under 10 minutes! I guess that means I'm $2000 ahead of the game....great way to rationalize it, right??? lol

Now, I just need to use some goo-be-gone, a bit of bleach and a scrub brush and all will should be good. No more muffler and brake shop!!! NO more walk-ins asking for service and repair!


It's a good day!!!

1 comment:

Hopemore Studio said...

Curious..Do you mean a rust colored paint or rust for real. Pretty sure there is a company that makes paint w/iron in it then you'd have real rust. If so I would do the trim in rust and chocolate for the bottom.

Awning seems daunting, will you be stuck with the blue, or can that be changed too?

I imagine somewhere in Oregon someone has a an old truck body sitting around thinking no one wants it. If that's true I trust you would be the one to stumble across it and work a deal. I could also see some old letter signage up there too if..ya know...only if you can't manifest a truck.

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