Thursday, August 9, 2012

April in apron...

I'm not a seamstress by any means, but my darling husband bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas, and so, I needed to sew something!

I confess, however, that I cheated a little by buying a pre-packaged black apron. I needed an apron for ART CAMP back in April, and so when I found the April in Paris fabric, I was sold!!!

Black and Cream? How can you go wrong?

Firstly, I removed the front, angled (and not so deep) pocket and replaced it with a new one. One that was bigger and deeper. 

...and with a little side pocket for ... a pencil? a ruler? a paintbrush?

You can't really see it in the photo, but I cut and re-used the original pocket over on the left to hold my trusty iPhone. Perfect! As I'm lost without it...Phillip will attest to that!

As a gift to myself, I purchased a ruffler foot...WOW! How did we EVER make ruffles without a ruffler foot? I wanted to ruffle, ruffle, ruffle...Even though, I'm NOT a girly girl, I LOVE the ruffles!

...and here I am...being a girly-girl at art ruffles!

...and here I am...(blurry and all) being a silly girl, aka: HOP SING from the old T.V. show, Bonanza.

Suffice it to say...we were a little bit tired and punchy...but girls' retreats are always silly and fun!

I was crafting with my denim hat worn backwards to keep my hair outta my face. I found some chop sticks in the kitchen drawer...the rest is history.

We were all goofing around with a sheet of sticky-back felt, cutting a variety of shapes and sizes of mustaches, beards, eyebrows, moles, etc....I think we were all laughing SO hard, we about pee'd ourselves and had tears running down our faces...

It was even funnier, when a few of the other girls arrived in the house, and we goof-balls got all serious really fast. Their reaction, once they noticed our "facial hair", was priceless!

Fun times! 

Must do it again soon!!!


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