Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can you see the smile on my face?

Last week, Ginger and Kathy and I, drove up to Portland to Ikea.

Why? You ask..

Workshop tables!!!

Butcher block. Oh Yeah!

These 8' slabs will create 12 workstations - roughly 26" x 4 foot...per person!

Tables need legs...so we counted 48!!! Yes, 48 legs!!!
Black. To match the trim and the doors...and the chalkboards....and to not show scuffs as easily.

I wanted white, but then the girls brought me to my senses!!! Thanks, ladies.... :-)


After Portland, we drove to Kathy's house in Eugene.

After an AWESOME tour of my stuff, I mean, her stuff (who could tell the difference?) Not us. We like (and buy) exactly the same things!

Ginger and I camped out in her motor home in the driveway...how cool is that? She was a bit worried, and even had a bad dream that I was all "crooked-up" in the morning from being uncomfortable, but it was fine...I'd totally do it again!!

... and I can totally relate to her "guest" rooms (ex-kiddo rooms) being chock-full of arts and crafts supplies..but, I would totally have slept in there too!

The next day, we shuffled on over to Barb's to pick up my treasure. I've been eye-balling this beauty for a couple of years, at least. Well, she finally decided to make some room in her shop and I'm the lucky new owner! Perfect!! 26, yes, 26! galvanized, very long drawers... the top shallow drawers are perfect for all little things "trinkety".

I'm deciding WHAT to put on the top...right now it's a piece of OSB. What would you put up there?

Not a piece you would see everyday...but the story goes like this...

Once upon a time, Barb spotted this at a garage sale. It was SUPER heavy and full of tools and out of her price range...Some time later, she spotted it at another yard sale, tools removed and inquired about whether it was for sale or not. The man agreed to sell, even though it wasn't for sale. It worked hard in her shop for a few years, and now it will work hard in mine. The End.

Last little addition to the studio?


These need a bit of a face-lift, but what around here couldn't use a little work?

Things are moving right along...



Marilyn said...

Good friends, good fun, good finds! What more could one ask for? I'd love the 26 drawer unit. Maybe I'd be able to walk in my craft room!♥♫

Hopemore Studio said...

It's coming together!! Build the tables 'and they will come'..lol.

Your other finds are fab-U-lous! Seriously how come i never come across a converted fridge or old school lockers??? Well in all honesty I'm not sure I could face the husband if I tried to bring this kind of thing home..ha!

Katalina Jewelry said...

I could have put you up in the work room but I was afraid you would've stayed up all night creating and with no sleep...well, let's just say you may have been a little grumpy the next day! :)

Love, love, love the lockers!! I want some!

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