Monday, February 27, 2012

Brick 'a Brac....

I have bricks on my mind..

Sounds like a very boring country song... lol

This little group of bricks are part of my used-brick fireplace in my home. It's a HUGE monolith of Terra Cotta Orange clay meets Black spattered with White... Yeah, I think it's U.G.L.Y.

When we bought the house, over EIGHT years ago, it was an my eyes...and continues to be. I like to decorate the mantle, but am always challenged with the way everything looks with a back-drop of ORANGE!!!

I've investigated painting it. Staining it. Re-surfacing it. SLEDGE HAMMERING it!

Well, I've finally come up with a solution...

Stay tuned...I have something BIG. HUGE. up my sleeve....and even a tutorial.... You're gonna LOVE this!!!


But until I can share....

here's a brick project that was displayed at CHA in the ICE Resin booth.

What started out as a mistake, quickly turned to an asset.

You see, in true ICE Resin, open-back bezel casting process, I adhered clear packing tape to the back of the bezel and poured in a thin layer. The idea was to create a clear back to enable the addition of loose items.

Well, when it was fully cured, I discovered an air bubble had formed and created a recessed pocket on the face, formerly the BACK. This little area was the PERFECT free-form oval for a little flash card word to show through..

Just a bit of sanding to "frost" the surface..and voila...instant fix...and FUN!
When I found the mini-flash card words to light, I knew exactly what I was going to create.

A visit to my local stone-yard secured me a 3-hole, cored, I did NOT drill holes through a solid the dismay of some of my friends...but thanks for thinking I am SUPER WOMAN!!! That's why I love YOU guys... :-)

Then I experimented with some wire, some candles, glass beads, melted wax, etc.

This was the first round...mentioned on the ICE Resin blog...

... and the re-vamped version that made it to CHA ... same brick ... same bezel ... a little more "grungy" with a little less "bling"...

Removed the old spice-lid feet I had originally added; removed the glass jars with real candles topped with glass beads; whittled down a couple waxxed led-powered candles to fit the holes; added some melted whittled wax bits and I have myself a candle holder that can "burn" safely for hours.


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Katalina Jewelry said...

Hi Tina - Glad to hear you've found a solution for your big brick wall...can't wait to see what it is! I was amazed with the first version of the "To Light" piece but am even more in awe of the grunged up one!

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Bravo! Way to bring it all together in a wonderful and unique piece of art. Thanks so much for linking up!
"Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open

vintage beadery said...

I love that piece of art created on the brick, but I also like the brick wall! I love old bricks and often take pictures, I'll be interested to see what your idea is to improve it.

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