Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rambling on a Wednesday....

Well, I began today with a trip to the doctor so my sweetie could find his voice..Sometime in the night, it went missing...

He's feeling a little better now, as am I, but a little tickle keeps making me cough. Oh well. I hope it's gone soon...I have a VERY busy weekend....


Friday, I need to bake and decorate my Valentine's cookies for Kristen's little soiree on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to some fun time with her, Ruth Rae, Kelly B., Ginger, Janice, Jania, her mom, and a few others... I need to get cracking on my Valentine's too! I hear tell that there will be some really good things swapped. You bet I will have camera in hand taking some great shots of a whole lotta fun!...Kristen, in case I forget to tell you, I had FUN!!! You throw a great

I'm sure we'll all be giddy, on a sugar-induced high by the time the afternoon rolls around.

Maybe even more giddy than when I was down in L.A. last week shopping with the girls? Hmmm..we'll see..

 Ruth and Kelly.
Ruth with the cutest RED record box...I LOVE RED boxes!!!!


On another note, The Rusty Monkey, is bubbling on the back burner. I was SO inspired by the place Kelly took me shopping.

OH yeah. You can see why? I have a pile of rusty corrugated from an old 1930's saw mill just waiting to be used...."I can pikture it in my mind...."

I'm working on getting my logo in place for my outdoor awning, business cards, totes, t-shirts;

space planning (which includes a girl's bathroom, an industrial sink, a fun classroom area, a coffee bar, and storage);

and then there's the marketplace...OOOOH.

There's so much to do, but good things come to those who wait and plan and dream and plan and dream....

A Rusty Monkey cousin was at Treasures and Junk

.... he was SO adorable...I'm thinking I need to collect photos and print them out for

as a family tree...Not really a tree, but a wall of monkey-family portraits....


Then, there's art camp coming in April. It falls on my birthday, so that should be fun...It was just announced yesterday that Ruth will be teaching alongside Kristen and Terri. There are so many like-minded women attending. I don't think we'll get ANY sleep! Or maybe the sound of the ocean will lull us there eventually! The place is gorgeous!!! Can't wait...


And a big shout out to Kathy Thompson of Katalina Jewelry as the newest ICE Resin Creative Team member...she does great work. I like her style of mixed-media jewelry...I think she'll have to take us shopping in her neighborhood up in Eugene on our way back from camp... :-)


Lastly, I am sharing this photo from Joanna's blog post....

Here is Susan's ballerina I mentioned yesterday, that I didn't take a photo of - Lunk Head that I am!!!

I can tell I'm feeling better... My mind is buzzing with excitement....!!!


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Katalina Jewelry said...

Your monkey will love having a photo of another monkey to look at. Who knows...maybe they're even childhood friends. About shopping my neighborhood...I hope you like hunting for treasures at thrift stores because that's about the only shopping I do! Oh, and thanks for the plug!

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