Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picking a Color.

Something you may not know about me. 

If you've read between the lines, you've picked up on my love of old steel. 

The rusty stuff, yeah. But I'm talking about classic cars.

In our little family of five, we own several classics in various stages of restoration. Part of my little collection includes two 1963 Chevy II Novas. A convertible and a station wagon.

My love of the little boxy Novas began back in high school when Phillip and my step-dad at the time, brought home a white 1965 two door. I've loved them ever since. 

True. I never drove it. I don't think I had my drivers license yet, but every time I saw one my heart would skip a beat. 

Back in 1997 when we lived in Washington, I spied the oxidized, chalky red front end of a Nova in our neighborhood. I drove by that house everyday and there was never a Nova sitting there. Of course, my heart really started racing when I saw the for sale sign in the windshield. $1000 obo. 

I knocked on the door. A woman answered. We started talking and come to find out, the car had been in the garage the last few years. She and her husband were getting a divorce and she wanted it gone! I took a look-see. It was a wagon. I wasn't really looking for a wagon. I preferred the two doors. But the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me. 

We offered her $750 and she was thrilled to get rid of it!

 That night after work, Phillip put in a new battery and DROVE it home! $750 and we DROVE it home!!!!

Today, it sits in the garage all painted bright Ford Vermilion red. Body work completed. Smooth as a babies bottom. My mom upholstered the seats and door panels in a red fruit punch vinyl with tweed inserts.

Someday it will be done!!!

This vintage ad references fishing, but I'll be cruising yard sales and going on picnics!!
Yep, taking Wonka doggish to the beach and getting milkshakes!!!

If my little red wagon - soon to be finished - wasn't enough to satisfy my Nova fix, I had to go and buy myself the wagon's long lost cousin.....a bright red convertible!

I found it on Ebay about 3 years ago and had it transported to Oregon from Pennsylvania - in the dead of Winter - snow and all!

Met the truck at our local WalMart truck parking lot and anxiously awaited it to be unloaded.

My heart was racing with excitement!!!

This is exactly what it looked like. (This isn't my ACTUAL car, I got these off the internet.)

 Phillip removed the tired straight 6-cylinder and put in a nice, rebuilt 327, V-8 motor and a new automatic transmission. I drove it around last Summer. Fun!!!

Then, this Winter, we decided to have it repainted, 'cause there were little rust spots and chips here and there.

Well, like most everything else we do, one thing led to another and now it's a full-blown restoration.

The proverbial onion, if you will.

We went over to see the progress this afternoon.
It does NOT look like my car anymore.....
(front view)

You see, as classic car people, we know other classic car people. Phillip and I own a custom fabrication business geared towards the entertainment industry and also work with classic car restorers.
(back view)

(front side view)

(back side view)

So, now my "daily-driver-needing-just-a-nice-paint-job" is slated to be a showcase car to advertise our restorer friends' and our custom fabrication abilities. We are planning on a lot of unique upgrades, specialty parts, custom tail light lenses, a turbo (gas-saving!) motor, etc....
(other side view)

A lot of the pieces are in final prime and I need to choose a color. 
(rear deck lid - trunk)

(front fenders)

I originally planned Ford Vermilion red to match my wagon, but now, since it's not just going to be a new paint job, I'm really considering another color.

Bright Yellow?

Dark Blue?

Chevy Orange?

Gunmetal Gray?


Not as easy as picking a color for a wall in the house. $20 a gallon. Oooops, don't like it. Choose another color.

Automotive paint is EXPENSIVE and LABOR INTENSIVE. Gotta pick the right one the first time around. 

Oh, the pressure......of a color.....

What's a girl to do????

I guess, take my Jeep for a drive around the car lots to pick a nice color!!!


Hopemore Studio said...

Oh I'm the worst when it comes to picking colors!!! I love color, I just can't make decisions.

For you and your sunny personality I will suggest bright yellow. If you have a beauty of a car like that it should stand out!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time, but never leave comments. I just enjoy it.
I vote for turquoise............but whatever color you decide, I know it will be the perfect choice for you. Have fun and take pictures to share.....
I sign anonymously because I don't have a blogging account..........your reader in Springfield Oregon

Christine Edwards said...

Tina, this is pretty cool. Whenever I hear about Novas I always think about my marketing professor telling us the story about how Nova was a terrible car name...because it translates to "doesn't go" in Spanish..."no va". ;-) I vote for turquoise also, it would look great with the white top.

Tyra Shortino said...

Hm, how about pink? It's an uncommon color for a car, and it would make for an interesting sight. Ha ha ha, but seriously, it's hard to choose. Restoring a car is quite cool though. Old cars beautifully restored are satisfying sights to behold.

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