Monday, May 3, 2010

Out for a Sunday Drive....

A couple of weekends ago - pre-sick weekend to be exact...Phillip, Darrin and I went on a Sunday drive to the Oregon Coast to show him around.

It's a very beautiful drive West on the Redwood Hwy.

We stopped along the way to take in the very beautiful river views.

Looking Left.

Just look at how clear and refreshing that water looks. If only it were Summer....
(That's floating weather, folks!)

Looking Right.

Then we proceeded to the Coastline. Harris Beach to be exact.
These are just some random shots. 
NOT a tropical beach, but oh, so beautiful no-the-less....
The day was super clear, but still very windy. 
Fresh but chilly!

This guy didn't seem to mind.
Neither did his pal. See him way up there? To the right of the mountain. Just a little blip in the sky.

On the path up that hill, were a ton of peanut shells.
Despite the signs.

I think this little guy is trying to tell us otherwise.
It's okay to feed me. Really. It's okay....!!! I promise....

and I think this little guy had his fill for the day.

But, not his friend. The one with almost no tail.
It was crazy how close they would come to you.

I I was walking back down the path, one ran at me so fast, I took off running down the dirt path.
All I could visualize was it jumping in my hair, like in Christmas Vacation. 

And this one is saying, "as I lay my hand upon you...."

See all those peanut shells????

Brave little souls, I tell you.

Little Rascals.

Edited to add:

A few days later, while the girlfriends and I were in Jacksonville for the day, I saw these in a store.

Aren't these the CUTEST Tighty-Whitey's you've ever seen?

Wonder what those little rascals at the beach would have to say about that!?

The End

1 comment:

Barbara Jean said...

That is the too cutest post with all the little critters.

And don't you just love living in Oregon?
It is sooo beautiful.
We are truly blessed.

Glad I got you with my bear story. =)

Hugs and smiles, and can't wait to see you!

barbara jean

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