Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mixed Emotions....

Ever have a day that is SO full of a range of emotion?

I think it's called Mixed Emotions....

This morning, I received confirmation that Phillip and I will be able to celebrate our 
25th Wedding Anniversary at a local vineyard property.
(us back in 1987 - we had been married for almost 2 years!)

There will be wine tasting (even though I don't drink wine), appetizers, catered BBQ, a live rock band, lemonade, beer, desserts - all to be shared with our family and friends.
(us a couple years ago)

I was on cloud nine all day....

....until the phone rang this afternoon....

(I have very mixed emotions about posting this part, but I need some feedback from other moms out there.)

Our dear little one, 
that was delivered to us in 1990

our sweet little Kyle.....

has caved to peer pressure!!!

At least that's how I am seeing it RIGHT NOW.

I may change my mind someday, but RIGHT NOW, I'm not too happy.

You see, he called me yesterday asking for where dad and I were born.

After a tennis match of questions, I confirmed the info he already knew.

Today, he called asking for our Social Security #'s.
We had another tennis match.

Then I asked the question.

"Are you enlisting?"

Silence on the other end of the line.




I have MIXED EMOTIONS about it all......what mom wouldn't?
Good night.

I need to rest my swollen, red eyes.


Hopemore Studio said...

Oh Tina, I can imagine you are frustrated especially if you think peer pressure is the reason. While my kids are no where near the age to even understand what it means to enlist I do have a brother who joined the Air Force when he was 18 (I was 26 at the time). Admittedly at that time in his life he was headed down a slippery slope and the military service has done him a world of good.

These children are so vulnerable but in the end they are their own individual beings who have to live, learn, succeed, or fail.

For us, my brothers enlistment was a bit of a blessing. I can tell by your post that is not how you feel. I hope you get the chance to talk to your son honestly to determine the true reason for his choice and then I hope you find peace.

I'll have you in my thoughts tonight,

Tommy said...

DUDE!! WTF!!...I hardly know what to say except ,maybe-frickety.frickin,frick!!...or maybe-WHY would you do this??...or maybe-ummm...who told my Angel Baby it would be a good idea to put himself in danger he not aware there's some wars going on?? whats the dealy,Yo?? A great big hug to you,cuz you prolly need one ...I know I'm not the momma but I feel ya sweetie,I really do...did you guys get to talk to him about all this or is it done already and you get no vote??He's such a bright kid with so much going for him,has he thought this all the way through??not judging,just saying...oh and I love you aand miss you...

Barbara Jean said...

I hope you are feeling better by now about the situation with your son.

I know it must be hard, but I am grateful for those who have served, and are currently serving for our freedom here.
What a gift he is, to you and to us, and I know when the dust settles you will be so proud of him.

Please, tell him thanks for us, for his willingness to serve.
Without young men like him, where would our country be?

blessings friend

barbara jean

PS Please keep us posted so we can be praying for him, and you along the way.

QueenBe said...

I would feel the same way you must, right now..... fear, and pride all mixed into one. I would be heartsick one moment, and ready to shout it from the rooftops the next, over what a special person he is to do this. My 19 year old son contemplated joining the Marines, for years it was his dream. Needless to say I was never so relieved when the time came to enlist, after high school, and he didn't do it. I am sure your heart just sunk, and I am pretty sure part of him is scared stiff, too...... and hopefully you will look at it from the other's point of view, and will get through this scarey time.

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