Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not Your Average Yard Sale!!!

Woke up early this morning and got the urge to go yard-saling. Phillip was working. A.J. was sleeping. Janice was soccer-ing with the grand kiddos. So, I went it alone. I actually don't have a problem going it alone, it kind of gives me more time to mosey and take it all in - just in case there's something hiding that I just can't live without. Wouldn't wanna miss anything.... Don't get me wrong. Saling with others is fun, but when you have to go it alone, it's just, well, different.

So, off in my trusty Jeep I went.

Down my road. Left at the first stop sign. Yard SALE!!!

NOT your average yard sale, either. There were no games. No baby stuff. No furniture. No clothes. No household knick-knacks. 

Just a gathering of old men, stories, tall tales



Boy, did I have a blast!!! I spent a least an hour and a half there.

The prices were exceptional. The more I junked the better the prices got. It seemed as if my total got lower as I added to my pile. They even asked me if I would stay for the rest of the day and show other buyers how to re-purpose some of the junk. Funny!

Those good 'ol boys were selling stuff for their buddy's widow - to clean up her place and to make her a bit of money.

Lots of rusty trinkets to re-purpose with.
Huge nails, gauge, doodads.
 Chippy white hook, rusty pipe elbow with a cool vent, brass handle, gears
Cool galvanized funnel, glass insulator necklace.
 Did you spy the tea pot full of rusty nuts and bolts?
I did. Cute planter.....
Silver spoon, Folgers can, more metal gears, and a pointy piece of a saw.
Some big galvanized buckets and an trap (for A.J.'s room!)
Another Folgers can, more rusty stuff, a metal funnel, a garage light cage and a little glass gauge surround.
When the two are married, they become a hanging tea light holder.
A rusty old fuse box. It's full of dead daddy long legs spiders! They were no charge!!!
Cool composition inside. Lots of glass fuses. Look at all the colors and styles.
Coming soon to a project near you......
 How about that REALLY long shovel? I couldn't even get the whole handle in the photo.
(in the middle)
And for all you crate lovers out there, how about this one?
Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.
High Explosives - Dangerous

It was chock full of rusty nuts and bolts too.
I even went home to bring a plastic tote so they could empty it for me.
50 lbs. 1 1/8 x 8
40% Strength

40%? Is that all??? LOL

Then, there was this lunch box. It was also full of rusty bits. 
Yeah, the tote I brought to them was pretty big and they still had to dump a bunch onto a piece plywood lying in the grass. (Those two galvanized buckets above were full too!)
What is it? 

It weighs a ton!

The old timers were each guessing...

cream separator

washing machine crank

butter churn

The crank handle only turns one direction.

Whatever its original use was...Now I've got my eye out for a cloche to put on top!

Two Red wheels.
Big tractor wheel. Extremely HEAVY pulley.

What in the world would you do with these?

Stack 'em up and make a planter base, silly....!

Ok. As if that wasn't enough.....

I spied this for my craft room.....
The compressor is gone from below, so it doesn't work.

Ice box door. See the MW for Montgomery Ward?
 This is the inside. 
Literally an ice box. 
Looks like that's all that would've fit! 
Can you imagine???
 But it will work to house some of my craft stuff!
 Better than a boring old cabinet, don't ya think?

Yeah, it needs a good, old fashioned scrubbing, but the price...oooh, the price was $5.00.

 It still has the original shelves, ice box, and drawer, but since the compressor and all the guts are missing from below,  I'm thinking it might make a good place for a shelf or two for a couple of wire freezer baskets.
and I'll use that cover piece as a magnet board.

And check out the handle and the hinges.
And the labels inside are still intact.

When I asked how much the fridge was, one of the guys told me $10. Then, he whispered to me (even though no one was around), but I bet we'd take $5.

I just chuckled and told him I'd take it. Sold!

He proceeded to tell me that they figured it would have sold fast - as a smoker to some fisherman "around these parts, but no one has made us an offer!"
As I was walking away, (I had to go into town to the ATM! I hadn't planned on yard-saling and I never have any cash on me! AND I hadn't gotten very far from home...) I saw two men walk over to the fridge and open the door....the 'ol guy told them he just sold it.  

When I came back, about 10 minutes later, the 'ol guy that sold it to me for a five-spot told me about the two guys that just offered him $50 for it TO MAKE IT INTO A SMOKER!!!!

I kinda laughed and told him he should've sold it!!!  Then he said to me, "Nope, a deal's a deal!"

Good man!!!! I love the old guys! They have integrity, are full of stories, tall tales and just a lot of fun!

Happy Saturday.


Hopemore Studio said...

What unbelievable finds, I'm blown away! All that rusty goodness, my hubby would have thought I'd lost my mind. That fridge is just the best, I LOVE the old hardware and labels, it really speaks to my love of history.

Thank you so much for sharing this little adventure, your story about the old men is priceless.


Barbara Jean said...

Hey girl
This was an adorable post!!

So fun to just hang out sometimes.
And I'm sure they loved all the excitement you showed over their rusty goodies, just like the old gentleman at a sale here yesterday.

So many garage sales going on now that nice weather has come.

Hoping we have nice weather next weekend. =)

blessings and see ya' soon. bj

Patina Marie said...

Yeah, my hubby just gives my that cute smile!

When I left this morning, I was planning to find some Steampunk charm fixings! Boy, was I way off track!!!!

Christine Edwards said...

Wow Tina! What a great sale you found! I usually lack the vision of repurposing an item until I've already passed it up, and I'm kicking myself later for not getting it (i.e. the music cabinet I saw at the thrift store last week). Looks like you got some way cool things, but I guess they're a bit on the large size for charms. ;-) Enjoy your Sunday!

Marilyn said...

Gee, what an imagination you have. I need to look around in the yard and garage and see what I can find for FREE. Living in the country and having old farm machinery will provide lots of junque! Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

Robj98168 said...

Yeah you can't beat us old guys for sticking to a deal.
I would make a fire pit out of that tractor wheel.

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