Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'll be gone for a little while. Well, until Tuesday of next week.

I'm off on retreat with the scrapping girls. Up to La Pine, Oregon. Near Bend.

Four nights of nothing but crafting. I'll be creating mixed media art stuff. One will be scrapping. One will be quilting. And another will be...I'm not sure what she's bringing to do, but it'll be crafty I'm sure!

Lots of laughs, eats, late nights, stories to share. Whole lotta paper cutting. Fabric sewing. Gluing. Painting. Whole Lotta FUN!!!

I'll leave you with a couple of older links of some of the crafty stuff I've done at previous retreats, times shared with my retreat friends and other stuff pertaining to just being with my buddies...(if you've seen these links already, ooops! If not, enjoy!)

So, now I'm off to pack and get ready.

Have a great weekend! Find lots of treasures in your neck of the woods and be happy!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tina - you are just as pretty as I remember! I look forward to reading your blog too and getting caught up one what you've been up to since..well, a long time ago. ;)


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