Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

I KNOW when I'll be back again.....

Yep. Going to Vegas.

Work around the outside of the house will continue whilst I'm away. Things seem to be back on track and progressing. It's looking good. It's looking just as I had in my minds-eye. A nice rustic farmhouse on a rock foundation. Shingles on top -  stained dark. It's gonna be SO nice. Someone just may have to pinch me.

Here it is in progress. 

New door. New window. Nice room next to the garage for....Crafting? Guest room? Home office? Teenager hang-out room? Storage? Gosh, let's hope not storage!!! No plans carved in stone yet, but I'm sure it'll get used....

Then, next Spring, we'll work on paving the driveway to match the walkway. Oh, there is SO much to do, but we are definitely crossing things off the list.

New solar lights for the walkway. We chose these 'cause they're glass, not plastic. Bought eight of them. Granted, they'll look better surrounded with landscaping, but landscaping is lower on the list! In the meantime, we'll be able to see where to walk at night!

Kyle's carved pumpkin on the porch. The idea was for all of us to carve a couple of pumpkins and line the walkway, but we are behind schedule on finishing the outside by Halloween. So, his lone pumpkin will have to suffice. Thanks for the effort, Kyle. You rock! It's SO ON next year though!!!! Pumpkins ahoy.

In the house, I have some fake pumpkins though. Here is one on a large, floor candlestick. I keep seeing these everywhere online and at a friends house. Pumpkins - fake and real - elevated on candlesticks. Cute!

Here is one of my Fall plate finds from a few years back. Germany. Thirty-five cents! And a recent find. 5 pc. Pewter tea set from Holland. Quaint, $15 and too cute to pass up. More than I usually spend, but glad I did. Just the other day, I saw just the creamer for $4.50 at a second-hand store.

Same shelf. This white ware soup tureen. No lid, but the opening is very large and will accommodate a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the Spring.

I've been picking up white ware lately. I couldn't decide between milk glass and this stoneware. Stoneware won! I find myself being really picky though. I'm only buying the ones stamped from Italy, Germany or USA. But not USA mass produced looking pieces, like Sysco. Nothing against Sysco, but I guess I feel like those I could buy by the case, so it's more the "thrill of the kill" for those mis-matched loners. More the thick, heavy weight ones. AND definitely no MADE IN CHINA pieces.

I don't consider myself an activist, tree hugger or go-green only person, but I'm kind of leery about the finishes being lead based or something else scary. You know, like MADE IN CHINA drywall that was in the news lately. The imported, inexpensive drywall that contained sulfur and was eroding copper pipes and turning jewelry black in the homeowners houses, mostly down in the Southeast U.S., due to the fumes it was emitting! Talk about scary stuff!!!

O.K., I'm off the "box" now.

Here are the fake-pearls I found for Emily. Cute, huh? They temporarily found a home on a vintage Ball jar on the hutch.

And some beads. Another kitchy necklace. Mrs. Teapot is all dressed for Halloween.

Here is the latest up-do. Wednesday night. Got the urge to go shopping for a "room-divider" between the family room and my craft room aka: the craft room wannabe mess.

Bought a curtain rod at Ross for cheap. Would've bought the curtains there too, but alas mostly they had only one-panel selections. No go. So, off to Freddy's. These were more, of course, but at least they were 25% off!

After. Closed-off. Nice!

Here is the last of tonight's treasures. I found this up in Eugene a while back. A heavy glass Barbicide container. All sterilized, boiled, fumigated, scrubbed, etc.....Then filled to the brim with paper-wrapped red straws. I would have preferred to go with red, unwrapped straws, but I'll take it one step at a time in the "GROSS, yet kind-of cool" dept. Plus, I KNOW I saw this idea in a decorating magazine somewhere.....

That's enough for one night. I won't be blogging for a few days. Hopefully, I won't be gambling away all my treasure-hunting money either!!! Actually, I'll probably only be playing the nickel slots. I don't like to lose $$$.
How could I live with myself????

Later Gator!

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