Monday, October 19, 2009

At the Last Retreat...

Well, not the LAST retreat, but the one we last had at the beginning of this month..

I made 20 Christmas ornaments. Sure, it's only October, but when we woke up that Saturday, there was 3-4" of snow on the ground and covering the cars! So, Christmas ornaments it was!!!

This was my "station". What a mess, huh? But, I played here for four days. Made a mess. Tidied up. Made
another mess. And so on, and so on. You get the picture.

I wasn't the only mess-maker though. Kay quilted - to my right. Judy sewed and cut out lots with her Cricut - across from Kay. And Janice - well, Janice did LOTS of things. - SHOPPED AND SHOPPED AND SHOPPED at the local quilt store, made a complete wedding scrapbook for her co-worker, scrapbooked, sewed, ironed, etc....

So, here is a photo of my new entry way ceiling. It's tongue and groove pine planks. Off the subject? Well, NO.

These are the little end cuts from when I installed the ceiling. Cute, don't ya think?

If you remember, last year, I made Christmas ornaments out of scraps. I have a ton!

So, I packed up a handful and took them with me. Along with an assortment of holiday paper, stamps, buttons, paint, Mod Podge, ribbon, etc...

Christmas Joy.

Warm Holiday Wishes.
Crinkle-torn-stamped tissue paper.

A Warm & Friendly Wish for a
Very Happy Holiday!

I Believe in Santa.
(The "dark" metal charm reads - Believe)

Merry Christmas.
Crackle finish Vintage Ad paper.

Love Stamp.
Crackle finish Teddy Bear stamp.

Naughty or Nice? Yes....
A favorite re-make from last year.

I Believe in Angels.
Lots of glass glitter, buttons, and fiber.

A Holiday Classic - Don't Peek til Xmas.

Let it SNOW!
In classic black and cream.

Who doesn't love a Snowman?
'Tis the Season.
Glass Glitter. Looks just like a sugar cookie.

Tinker Toys!!! Just what I wanted!
Crackle Finish vintage Ad paper.

Believe in Christmas Magic.

Dear Santa, I WANT.
Oh, come on. What else? Isn't that what all letters to Santa begin with???

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more Beautiful.

Star Light, Star Bright -
A Wish for Peace on Earth Tonight.
Layered paper stars.

Christmas Cheer.
Another crackle finish .2 cent stamp.

Happy Holidays.
December 25 Postcard.
Crackle finish tree stamp.

Last but not least -

That's it so far. I still need to drill the holes for the ribbon hangers (thus the "blank" areas at the top of each ornament), but wanted to share.....Maybe a bit prematurely, but ... oh well.

I've been asked by more than a few people if these are for another swap. Not this year. I'll be keeping these for the family tree.

You see, I swapped last year in an online ornament exchange and was less than thrilled with the majority of what I received. Granted, it's the thought that counts. But let's be honest here - it is my blog after all - with all the talent and great ideas I always see out there in blog land, and man-o-man there is talent galore, I truly did not expect to get a 1" styrofoam ball covered in dollar-store glitter with raw wood toothpicks poked in them, or a knotted (not knitted or crocheted, mind you) piece of yarn on a hook, or a bell cut out of waxxed paper - and only waxxed paper. Can anyone say...KINDERGARTEN?

I should have learned my lesson from a few years back when I did a 50 holiday card swap. Oh well....I'm still hopeful, I guess....I still have visions of opening a swap-box and being excited!!! Has any body else out there  been bummed-out by an exchange? Or is it just me???

Happy Monday!

*** Updated on 11_09_2009 Just linked up to "I Can Make That" Party.


Julie said...

Found your blog at Just A Girl party. I love your ornaments. I may "steal" a few!!!

Sunny Tuesday said...

I've been in a swap where I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in what I got. However, the past two swaps I was in, I was completely blown away by what I received and what some of the other people sent. Christine at A Work in Progress hosts some pretty great swaps with pretty talented crafters. You should see the album I got in the Trick or Treat Swap!

patinamarie said...

Julie - Feel free to "steal" away. Nothing in this world is truly original anyway - right? Like I said in the post though, they aren't quite finished. I still need to add the hangers!!!

Sunny Tuesday - I'd love to get in on a GOOD swap! I'll go check out the link. I'd also love to see the Trick or Treat album. Feel free to email me pics

Sandy said...

My goodness but you've been busy.Can't decide which one I should copy before I break out and create with new ideas.

patinamarie said...

Sandy -

Oh, what the heck, it's cold out! Stay and play indoors and copy them all!!!

Then, break out and create with new ideas...Then, send me yours so I can copy!!!! hee hee

Gotta love blogland.


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Love your ornaments, what a great way to use up wood scraps.
I was once in on a swap where I sent out a great package and got NOTHING. I guess they're risky, huh?

Kasey Hunt said...

Great idea. Haven't seen this before. Very clever!!

Robin said...

I found your blog thru Just a Girl party and those ornaments are way too cute!!!! I feel the same way about swaps. I have only been in a few and most I've been pleased with what I received but a couple were almost embarrasing to even open. I know it's the thought also but geez...some people just shouldn't even sign up. I've been burned more than once too on not receiving anything at all and no email/note,'s like they fell of the earth.........I've learned my lesson, prob won't participate in anymore. :-(

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