Wednesday, May 7, 2008


That word conjures up a number of things.

Water. A cool drink on a hot summer day. The snorkeling playground in Maui. A nice relaxing bath.

Water. It has an alter-ego. The mischievous one that sneaks into your (my) home when you (me) aren't looking (busy making OTHER parts of your home better). It makes its surprise entrance when you don't expect it. It wreaks havoc.

Water. Dripping. Leaking. Leaching. Somewhere in the wet-wall in the kitchen. The same wall that becomes the floor that becomes the ceiling in the soon-to-be master suite. Somewhere.

Water. It can only be found by tearing into and dissecting your home. First, the exterior wet-wall in the kitchen. Then, the ceiling beneath the wet-wall. Finally, the removal of the kitchen cabinets/counters so the pipe in the floor in-between up and down can be repaired.

Water. Thanks alot! I wasn't ready for you. Yes, the kitchen was on the list to remodel. We planned to gut-it-to-the-studs, but that was still a ways off. I finally finished the "in-the-meantime" repainting of the kitchen and cabinets. I was even picking out curtains. But now, we'll be in limbo. Somewhere in between, because we aren't ready to re-do the kitchen yet! But maybe....I'll put in my new, used sink.....

Water. Glad your here, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd stay in the pipes!

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