Friday, May 2, 2008

Time Just Keeps Flying By....but at least it's Friday!

I can't believe it's already MAY. And the 2nd to boot! Time just keeps flying by. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas.....Oh, please. Not so fast....

Someone once shared a theory with me about why time seems to go by faster as you get older. Remember, how long those summer vacations seemed to last when you were a kid? And, now, summer is over before your bones have even had a chance to thaw out from the LONG, COLD winter? Well, the theory I heard is this... READY?

When you are 5 years old, you have only lived for 5 years. Therefore, one year equates to only 1/5th of your life so far - pretty big chunk of time. BUT, when you are say, 40, a year equates to 1/40th of your life - a lot smaller chunk. Therefore, the time goes by faster and faster each year because the fractional portion becomes smaller and smaller.

Makes sense, doesn't it? At least it does to me.

Kind of like a huge chunk of chocolate. At age 1, I get the whole piece. It takes me forever to eat it - doesn't help that at age 1 I only have two tiny teeth on the bottom...but, it tastes SO good and lasts a long, long time. I make a huge, sticky mess of my hands and face and clothes and everything surrounding me, but that's a choco-holic-in-training.

Then, at age 40, I can only eat 1/40th of the chocolate. It's a much smaller piece so it goes away much faster. I've become much more adept at keeping the chocolate where it's supposed to be, but I admit it dissappears MUCH faster now - in true choco-holic-master form.

Then, when I'm, say 80, the piece is a microscopic 1/80th size, I can hardly see it without my thick coke bottle lens glasses, I can hardly hold onto it with my arthritic hands and it lasts but only a milli-second. Fair? Maybe not, but it's only a theory. Right?

***photo is my birthday gift from Judy. The sun is FINALLY shining today, so into the sun it goes to get some lovin'.

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