Monday, May 5, 2008

Do you know where YOUR cel phone is?

I think we have been using our cel phones so much in the last few years that they are now an extension of our brain and a staple in our daily lives. I find myself yelling at "idiots" to "get off your phone!" while they are driving - they cut me off, change lanes without signaling, run stop signs, go too slow. I, too, am guilty of being on my phone more than I probably should, but I like to think that I'm not an idiot - most days anyway.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've read while driving, eat and drink while driving, and I've even put on mascara while driving. Mostly, when I'm driving slow, but still behind the wheel. Am I an idiot for doing so? Probably. More like yes. BUT, that aside, I stand fast about NOT driving if on the rare ocassion I've had anything to drink AND I absolutely NEVER drink in public if I know I have to drive somewhere.

So anyway, that brings me to the last month, I have found two, yes, two cel phones at my local post office. When I first see the phone, I look around to see if anyone is around "looking" for the phone. Then, I take the phone and scroll to the "last call received". I press redial. Twice now, I've been able to locate the owners. Even though I feel a little weird "taking" someone else's phone, I DON'T trust leaving it there unattended for fear that someone else will take it for the wrong reasons.

The first phone, I took to the hospital emergency room and gave it to the friend of the owner (the friend was a local ambulance driver and I had to wait in the parking lot until the patient was unloaded)

The second phone, I discreetly hid under a beautiful, pink dogwood tree on the corner next to the post office. I'm sure the passing traffic wondered what in the heck was a grown woman doing crouched under that tree.

So, today, my mom called me at work. She said she had been trying to call me all day! I told her my phone must be on silent. I went to get my phone from my purse phone pocket and it was GONE!!! Uh OH! Where was my phone? I looked everywhere! When I got home tonight and looked even more EVERYWHERE!!! It was nowhere.

I got the house phone and dialed my #. With the house phone on speakerphone, I went into every room. Outside on the back patio. Upstairs on the back porch. In my Jeep. In the house garage. In the laundry room. NO PHONE. Oh my gosh, I had lost my phone!

When I found the first phone, I decided to add some phone numbers in my directory. I listed the obvious one first - I.C.E - in case of emergency #. Second, I added IF FOUND - my work #. Third, I added EMERGENCY - Phillip's cel #. Now, everytime Phillip calls me, my screen says EMERGENCY!!! Hopefully, not, but funny!

ALL those numbers and no one had called me ALL DAY to return my phone to me. I was so bummed. What about Karma? Pay it forward? What goes around, comes around?

Then, it donned on me! Yesterday, I drove Phillip's Outlander and parked it down in the shop garage. So, with the house phone in hand, I hiked down to the shop and listened for my familiar ringtone.

There it was! Ever so Nightmare Before Christmas melody!!!! Yay. I found my phone. On the passengers seat! 10 missed calls today. 3 voice messages! But NO messages from someone telling me where my phone was.....

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