Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The EYES have it!!!

Or at least the "eye" that sees through the lens of a camera has it.

Funny how the simple things in life look differently through a lens.

Here a simple cloud on a crisp FALL day becomes a WHALE with a little bit of imagination.

That reminds me...the whales will be migrating Hawaii....
yeah, Hawaii in the Winter...hmmmmmm...pause for a bit of daydreaming....

 A HUGE leaf in the midst of changing its colors. Beautiful!!!

Up in Lincoln City, at the Art Camp retreat...the trash can lockup of the house next door...Taken while walking to the car one night... Do you see what I see? GRRRRR!!!

A simple little moth inside the ART CAMP house. Bet he was enjoying being a moth-on-the-wall in house full of women/artists. Wonder the tales he could share??

Gorgeous Oregon Coast sunset view from the deck of the house...First Night at Art Camp.

Taking pictures is a fun past-time...even if all the above photos were only taken with my iphone.

I love the Nikon, but sometimes, the little phone camera does the job just fine!

12 more days until Halloween....

1 comment:

Katalina Jewelry said...

Nice photos! What Art Camp did you attend in Lincoln City? I live in Eugene, so it would be fun to consider for next year.

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