Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rusty Monkey...

Un-packing and moving in and setting up and moving it around again and scheming and planning and...
well, you get the idea...

It's certainly a process.

Good thing we aren't under any pressure for an opening date!!!

There's a lot to do. A lot of sorting. Setting up. Planning. Doing...and the holidays are looming. YAY! (did you hear the sarcasm coming out of the end of my fingers?) I cannot believe it's the end of October already. CAN YOU???


Any hoo...on with the apologies if some when some of the photos are blurry. I took them yesterday as we were leaving..."I haven't taken any in-progress photos in a while!" - end quote. I was tired!

An adorable vintage stand I found at the Jacksonville All-City yard sale a few weeks back.

I like that the adjustable baskets are gridded so smallish items won't fall through AND how could I pass up that cute enamel metal sign on top that reads "BUY NOW". 

LOVE it!!!

Those shoes are for my mantel at home...witches shoes AND darn it if I didn't forget them there last night! Oh well. Monday will be here soon enough.

Janice's card rack. "Hi, Janice. Ginger is testing out the rack with our cards....You better get busy, or you'll need to find a new place to put your cards..." Alas, I jest....this rack hold SO many cards!!!
My infamous, folding baker's rack. This thing has some miles on it! It's been in my kitchen, my craft room, our held dress-up items at our 25th anniversary party, it was at our booth, and now it's here! I like it!!! I'll like it better with shelf toppers, so merchandise doesn't fall through!
Another view of STUFF!!!

After the unloading the second of TWO 15' box truck loads of STUFF - calling it "stuff", "crap" and "shit", we decided on a kinder, gentler description...



Two of my windows. Guess what? They will fit in the opening we created between the two rooms.


We'll still have natural light in the little back room, but with character!

...and for light after dark, there's this little five-legged gal...Can you visualize it creamy white with jars for shades? We can too!!!
Just some of the stuff   merchandise unpacked from totes...random order. Not staged, yet!
More unpacking.
Gingers dress form. She has a make-over in her future...Stay tuned...

A fun stand with three swinging baskets.

A perfect catch-all for my vintage wooden blocks.
The new stick-on floor tile. An inexpensive cover-all with the look of rusty steel. NICE!

 An old hutch top. Looking for a long, wide dresser to use as a base....Keeping our eyes peeled...

The nifty, thrifty electronic cash register I scored a few weeks ago at a barn sale....


A bit of rusty & cream garden fencing with the legs curled up....

... to serve as an accent topper over our indoor sign.

It won't be crooked or resting on a bright yellow/white paint bucket!

But, if we had a rusty ol' bucket?

and RUSTED WONKA? What does it mean?

We were goofing around with a stack of letters I bought a few years ago in a Ziploc bag and never opened. There weren't enough letters to spell RUSTY MONKEY, so RUSTED WONKA it was!!!

In honor of Wonka-Doggish, I guess....

Cheers and have a HAPPY Saturday.


Hopemore Studio said...

That IS a lot of 'merchandise' but your space is so great I'm sure by the time it's all out you are going to need more...stuff.

I realized too that you have to price it all, yuk, that was always my least favorite part.

Your lighting idea sounds great, can't wait to see it.

Get some rest!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Gosh I want to come over and play with all your stuff!! You have some wonderful ideas too!!Love the old window pane divider idea..way cool!!Hugs,Cat

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