Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, to be able to just sit and color.....

Color crayons.


the smell?

the feel?

the freedom?

the imagination?

the stay inside the lines?

the color outside the lines?

the shavings melted between waxxed paper with the old heavy iron?

the leftover pieces added to paraffin wax to make colored candles at Christmas?

the kid in class that ate them?

the store shelves full of them in the fall?

the crayon box in the desk?

the big fat ones?

the brand new box of 64?

the little box of 8?

the worn out nubs?

the brand new coned-shaped tips?

the built-in-the-box sharpener?

the peeling of the label to get more crayon?

the cornflower blue?

the Ziploc bags for all the leftover stubby pieces?

the melted crayon between the seats in the car?

the scribbling on the walls?

the scribbling under the kitchen table?

the rogue crayon that went through the dryer?

Oh, the simple memories of the crayon.

I love my crayons.

EVEN this little 4-pack from Milton Bradley....!

What memories do you have?


Hopemore Studio said...

Getting the 64 pack (with the sharpener!) and laying all the crayons on the floor. Organizing all the colors into a rainbow from purple to pink to red to orange to yellow to green to blue.Then putting them back into the 4 little boxes..just so.

Seriously I'm not that type A, it was just one of my favorite things to


In the Light of the Moon said...

I am so relieved to hear that I am NOT the only one that loves playing with these tiny treasures.Now that my young ones..are not so young,Momma is the only one with a stash of "Stubbies"...when I first found out about beeswax and incorporationg melted crayons..well..Heaven.So nice to meet you!!Hugs,Cat

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