Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving on....AGAIN...

I've mentioned before, last year we (Phillip and I and three partners) purchased the original Medford Coca-Cola building. It has had many owners since the 50's, and it was literally a wreck! BUT, it had potential...

View to the Right

View to the Left

We have darned near re-habbed every inch of this place, except for maybe the original workshop floors.
 View to the Right
View to the Left


we are expanding into a new location, which means a new office..and let's not forget, my new adventure, the RUSTY MONKEY Vintage Marketplace (studio & workshops).

When we moved into the Coca-Cola building, I had pondered theming my office in Nightmare Before Christmas decor. But, I chose to go a bit vintage instead. My Grandmother's hutch, the Three
You-Nique Boys window, etc...

This go round, I'm going back to my original thoughts and jumping in with both feet. Nightmare Before Christmas it is! Plans are in the works. We have a freelance scenic painter in-house right now that is an A-list Disney and studio artist. OH YEAH!!! Now is the time to get it right!!!

So, off to the new office with paint and brushes and transparencies in hand....My new little, creepy, Jack filled world awaits....


You bet, I'll be posting in-progress photos you won't want to miss...he's that good!!!




In the Light of the Moon said...

How Exciting!!!I really Love Jack too!!I cant wait to see your space and the progress.Hugs,Cat

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