Monday, September 5, 2011

Beauty is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER...

I truly believe that!

I see beauty in all things rusty, grungy, and just plain cast-off. This illusion is always further enhanced through the lens of a camera - even if it's only my iphone point-and-shoot fixed lens!

Last year, while we were remodeling the building we are currently in, I found beauty in a group of mold growing behind this old, wet, wall of drywall.

To the naked eye, it was a gross mess, but through the lens of a camera, it became a grouping of trees against a dark, starry, Winter night. Can't you just feel the chill in the air?

Here are a few other shots from the same wall....

Same goes for an area of rust stained concrete in our shop, which was the original Coca-Cola bottling plant of Medford back in the early 50's. I like to think the discoloration is from an old, steel cistern or tank that had years of use. I love the colors.

This is the floor in its dry, natural state.

This is the floor (same angle) wet from a mop.

I'm hoping to re-create this look for the floor of the
RUSTY MONKEY Vintage Marketplace and Workshop. 

Maybe even this focal wall that is now based-out in rusty orange colored paint. I'm thinking the plain, one color rust may be a bit boring...??? Although, it will be broken up once my sign - made from vintage corrugated steel - is hung up.


1 comment:

Hopemore Studio said...

Wow, you would think that someone would have come up with a safe way to make artwork by recreating that mold veining.

The floor is gorgeous, if you come up with a way to replicate that I hope you share it with us!

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