Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ugly Truth...

Although the title may sound like a confession waiting to be told. Some deep dark secret. Some juicy gossip. It's actually just my way of sharing (and remembering) the UGLY truth of our guest room remodeling adventure.

Like most of you, I read EVERY home remodeling & home decorating magazine, book & blog. I fall in love over and over, again and again, with all the wonderful vignettes shown on every page.

I love the staging. 

I love the make-overs. 

I love the inspiration. 

BUT, what I hardly ever see is the UGLY truth. 

The good. 

The bad.


I dream of the finished room. The basics done. Ready for the decorating.
There has been blood, sweat, tears, bruises, smooshed fingers, broken nails, dry skin, dirty hair, no-make up, old-holey-and stained up clothing, a little cursing, mis-placed tools, and a whole lotta MOCHA!

The house gets cleaned up. Looks good for a few. Then, WHAM! Another room project. Well, really, only some areas get cleaned up. We have at least 3 or 4 areas going at once.

I think it's TOTALLY worth the mess though. I'm O.K. with it, cause I don't have a magic wand or midnight elves to do all the work around here, so until it's done, the house will be a mess! 

Mess = Progress.

I'm good with that.

You always hear the phrase:
"If a couple can survive a remodeling project, they can survive anything!"

I guess, we are still o.k., cause we've been in remodel mode for 5+ years and we're still laughing in the same in-progress house!

This my dear friends, is the ugly, messy, dusty, smelly, completely turned-upside-down-house truth.

This is why people move out of houses when they remodel......if they can.....
 Dining room. Walkway between kitchen and family room.

 Dining room table.
 Hallway from Back Door.
Hallway to Guest Room.
 Guest Room. Texturing in progress.
Texturing. Almost done.
Texturing. Done!!!
Fan On!!!! Dry baby, dry!!! 
Primer & Paint goes on tomorrow....Whoo Hooo...
(whoo hooo, until my arms feel like they're gonna fall off !!!!)

Closet doors....

Well, since the hallway closet door will get changed out to match the new bathroom and bedroom doors,
and not get chalk boarded, I'll CHALK BOARD these! They are really big and will make a 
fun doodle board for guests. 

So-and-so was here....

Welcome, so-and-so.....

Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.....
Fun stuff. All trimmed out in creamy-white trim.
Nitey. Nite...


Barbara Jean said...

Hey girl!
Lots going on at your house.
It will all be soooo nice when you get it done.

So glad you got your package, and loved the goodies I sent. =)
Thanks for letting me know.

Hope you have a great week.


barbara jean


Well Tina Marie,,,

it is true, if a couple can survive the mess...

it's worth it in the end...we built an entire apartment on our lower level and that was a lot to undertake....the good news is the apartment looks great and I'm still happily married! lol



Christine Edwards said...

That's not a mess, it's just a work in progress. Can't wait for the reveal, if your arms hold out that long.

Patina Marie said...

Barbara Jean - I will post a picture of the baby-shoe-nest when I get done with the guest room. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for shoes for you too!

Carmelina - A whole lower level? WOWSERS! What's a little mess when it comes to love, right?

Christine - WIP.
Day # 4,542,358,159!!! Old houses are way too much fun....!

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