Saturday, February 20, 2010

Many, Mini Snails.

Last Monday, there was NO school. President's Day. A.J. and I stopped by the corner market to get a tasty beverage. Me, a hot mocha. He, a Gatorade. On our way out the market door, we almost stepped on a huge worm. It was a little wet out, not raining at the time, but it had been earlier. We got into the Jeep and then I had a thought...."We need to save the worm!" Save him or her. Are worms asexual? I don't remember. I just remember middle school worm dissection. Cut it open and name all it's parts. Who thought of that? And why, at that age, do we need to know about worm parts? In middle school, we are just barely figuring out our own parts!!!

Any who. Moving on. All I could think about was that poor, huge worm getting smooshed by some shoe coming out of the market. So, I opened the glove box and grabbed a Taco Bell recycled brown napkin. I always have some fast food napkins in the glove box - you never know when operation worm rescue might be in effect.

A.J. got the worm in the napkin and air-lifted him to the safety of the grassy area. Whew! Worm smooshing disaster averted. The guy parked next to us, just coming out of the market, gave us a chuckle and complimented A.J. on doing a good deed! (see we aren't the only ones with a heart!) 

Sure, if the worm was lunch for a bird, that would just be the circle of life. But, for a poor, misguided worm, lost in the concrete jungle, to lose it's life under a waffle-bottomed shoe...well, we just wouldn't stand for it!

Note: I stopped by the market yesterday, and the pest control guy was on the grassy area spraying all sorts of toxins from the "sky". NICE!!! Slink, worm, slink!

Now onto the snails. Same day. Monday. Same Me. Same A.J.

Our day to connect with nature. On the sidewalk leading into my office, he spied these guys. Can you see them? 

 They look like little pieces of pea gravel.

Here's a little closer look. Many, mini snails. 

These are not the regular snails we always see. Must have just hatched!? Do snails hatch? Or are they live births? Never thought about it before. But, clearly these little ones were new to the world.
Never thought I'd think SNAILS were cute! These snails WERE cute!!!

After their photo-shoot, A.J. promptly relocated them OFF the sidewalk. He's such a good Samaritan.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my! This is the cutest post ever. I chuckled my way through it. So glad to see that you both are out to save the little creatures of the world. What a wonderful thing to do. So sweet! I think having boys makes you realize that even snails can be cute. Have a great day! Blessings, Tammy

Barbara Jean said...

Cute? Yes.
But they still eat the dickens off off your plants.
Want mine??

blessings and smiles,
barbara jean

Patina Marie said...

Sure! I'm sure we can find them a spot on the mountain...! Hee hee hee.

(I know I'll feel differently once we have more than DIRT surrounding the house!)

Oh, how I SO dream of landscaping...

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