Wednesday, July 25, 2012

America. Free to Dream....

From a vintage clipboard and a handful of ICE Resin products, I've created a home decor piece that is very close to my heart.

As an assemblage artist, I find the process of creating quite inspiring and fun.

There is NO formal plan...There is just....

First, there is the collecting. The finding. The dirty, dirty digging... I LOVE that part.

Then, there is the spark. The moment you hone in on a piece of the pile and an idea begins to form.  Most call this moment "the moment a piece speaks to them"... I guess, in a way, that's true, but I've had a piece "talk" to Oh, the conversations we would have...I'd let the "pile" do all the talking...YES, I'd shut up to hear the stories...ok, so I'd TRY to keep my mouth closed, but probably not!

In this instance, the piece was a textured and embossed ABC cover of an old dictionary. A mold and clear casting was created. The texture and the graphics of the casting were so unique - delicate looking, but sturdy. I spent several days just touching and looking at the piece. (ok, I didn't just sit there for days holding and staring at the casting, but it was in my "space" so I could re-visit it over and over again).
Next step? Consult the "pile"... (yes. yes. I have a pile...more like a mountain, er, mountain range!)

Vintage clipboard.

ABC's...Clipboard? Yes. That works.

Add some softness to the hard edges?

Old upholstery fabric samples from the books my mom "donated" to me from her shop...

Oooooh. ICE Resin ribbon in coordinating color? Yes. That works.

Textured "ribbon" from old, VERY old cheesecloth-meets-muslin-like mesh dust-cover fabric I had saved from under-the-old-box springs I had torn apart a few years back to retrieve rusty box springs (to add to the collective pile, of course!). Yes. That works.

Add a bit of ICE Resin mica sheet over a mini-word flash card.

A bezel with the word FREE...filled with resin.

Add a Bingo marker, so just the B GO are visible.

Embellish a bit more. Punch holes. Add wire. Add chain...

Soon, the piece spells out a meaningful. So close to home...

America. Free to Dream. Just B. And GO forth.


My post featured today over on ICE Resin Creative Team Wednesday...

I created this piece in honor of my middle son, Kyle, who is currently in the Army; out of respect for family members and all my friends’ husbands, wives, sons and daughters serving now, and previously, all around us. To those who have and are risking their lives daily and are separated for months on end, to ensure our American freedoms.

As artists, as a society, not only are we free to dream and create, but we can openly convey our feelings, wants, and desires through a variety of media … written words, sculpture, music, fashion, Internet. In my corner of the world, I cannot imagine my life without the simple freedom I have and the joy I find when searching for found objects and cast-offs to then use to express myself through art. Too often I think I take these and other simple, daily freedoms for granted simply because it has always been a way of life, my whole life, thanks to the many sacrifices of others beside me and before me.

Although not the traditional RED, WHITE, and BLUE, the colors that I well-up at while they are marching by in a parade, or raised at the opening ceremony of a graduation, or flown in mass numbers by a nation at a time of devastation and in need of commiseration, this piece holds a special place in my heart as a constant reminder…

AMERICA. FREE to DREAM. Just Be. And GO forth.


Hopemore Studio said...

Tina, that piece is amazing. I can relate to fawning over one part of an assemblage for days on end wanting to make sure it gets all the attention it deserves. Your casted book cover is beyond stunning, something I think needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate ;-)

Katalina Jewelry said...

I risk inflating your ego by telling you this one more time but since you already know how much I love this assemblage here goes... Great project, Tina! I notice more about it each time; this time it's the wire wrapped holes that I'm discovering!

I do have to question as to whether or not you could just listen to your "pile"'re usually pretty good about adding to the conversation! lol

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