Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do These Jammies Make Me Look Phat?

I mean Fat?

What is it about huge, comfy jammies? Why does something SO comfortable, have to make you look FAT???!!!

I know I'm no longer a size 5. I know I'm over 40. BUT, come on...REALLY???

This is me on Christmas morning. Hair pulled up in my Pebbles Flintstone clippy.

These are my new Christmas morning jammies. All washed and dried by my sweetie. All warm. All comfy.

You see, as I was getting ready for the Christmas Morning Flying Wrapping Paper Frenzy, he wrapped me up with just-out-of-the-dryer-Christmas-surprise-jammies. Red Flannel Goodness. Teeny tiny Pink polka dots. Penguins with Pink scarves.(I've heard Penguins mate for life) The sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever. So simple, yet so thoughtful. He's ALWAYS taking such good care of me.....!

They're a bit big, but oh so comfy. AND worth looking FAT .....

....27th Christmas, and you're still surprising me.

Thanks, Baby!!!!

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