Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cold Weather. Company. Hot Tea.

So, why didn't I think of this before?
Our cupboards are full of several tea varieties. A.J. is very into tea. Actually, he is very into all things culinary. Blender concoctions. Italian sodas. Teas. Baking up all sorts of goodies - some good, some, let's just say, different. All sorts of kitchen experiments.

For example, a recent cell phone call - "Mom! Can you get me some peanut butter, vanilla ice cream and bananas? I want to make you and Dad something!"

Every one of A.J.'s cell phone calls begin with "MOM!" In a voice SO urgent and matter-of-fact, that I've made his incoming ring tone, on my cel phone, an ALARM - much akin to that of a sinking ship. So realistic, that it prompts all sorts of "alarmed" looks, every time I'm in public, from anyone within ear reach. I admit, I sort of get a chuckle every time A.J. calls me. It's twice-fold fun for me. Sometimes, I even let it ring a couple of extra times...just for fun...!

Anyway, we have so much tea (in bag form), that I decided to bring some out of the pantry for our New Year's company. I have this vintage Kraft Cheese wooden box and guess what? It's the perfect size for tea bags. So, I cut a piece of parchment for the inside bottom - makes a clean surface for the bags. Yeah, they are sealed, but I just felt better doing it.

Next up, are honey sticks displayed in one of my Honey Jars. They were close by. You see, I had sprigs of fir in my three Honey Jars and then the Honey Jars were displayed in the Kraft Cheese Box. The sprigs were a little "dead", so after I washed them out, I put the sticks in.

Of course, the little wooden Honey Bee wanted to join the fun. And so did some Scrabble Tiles....

Simple. Cheap. Fun. AND of course, every bit of it is Second Hand Finds! Well, except for the Honey Sticks and the Tea.....

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