Monday, November 9, 2009

When Boredom Sets In.....

Well, wasn't bored, but apparently the boys were.

I was at the shop and Kyle and A.J. were trying to get the broom to stand up on its own.

It would seem that Ty had, in one of his ADD moments, been having a conversation with one of the other guys in the shop while he was working. Sweeping? I guess so. I wasn't there...But the story goes, that he was sweeping and talking a mile-a-minute and let go of the black broom and IT STOOD UP ON ITS OWN!!!!

So, as with most boys that watch Myth Busters or just have to prove a point or moreover, prove "I can do that too!" - seems even as young (adult) men, they are still just as competitive, one-upping each other, as they were at 7, 10 or 12! 

Anyway, there I was, in the shop. Watching and wondering what the heck they were doing with the broom.

Clearly, they were not sweeping up the pile of dirt into the dust pan. No, instead, Kyle and A.J. were trying to prove that the yellow broom could stand up on its own too!

Stand up. Let go. Fall.

Stand up. Let go. Fall.

"Let me try!"

"No, I've almost got it!" 

"Here. Let me do it!"

Back and forth. Forth and back.

Finally......"Look, MOM!!! It's standing up on its own!!!!"  "See, the yellow broom can do it too!!!!"

Then, Ty walks in. Then, Robert. Then, Dad. Then.....well, let's just say, we all just stood there laughing about the broom. That's when I heard the story of Ty and the black broom.

"Yeah, but, I just let go of the broom while I was talking and it stood up on it's own!" "You guys had to stage it!"

"Yeah, but, it's still standing up on its own!"

"Yeah, just like yours did!"



Boredom and Boys.

Oh, the simple life of a mom of Three Young Men!!!! 

Now, if they could just get the broom to sweep around the house...AND one-up each other doing it better!!!

No chance Romance!!!


myblip said...

It could have been magic. lol


patinamarie said...

Oh, it was!!!

Magic. Defying gravity, to be sure.

Actually, I think there is some left-over "Pixie" dust in the shop....

Ha Ha

KCAimee said...

Kinda spooky...looks a little Fantasia there!

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