Sunday, December 14, 2008

"I'm a big kid now!"

Yes. Yes, you are.

Just look at all those "muscles"...

Kyle has such a great sense of humor. It will be missed at home and at work.

I wish you well, son. Off on your "grown-man" journey. I have faith that Dad and I have raised you well and you will do great in whatever you choose to do. Be well and make the most of your life. You're only 18 once!

Tears and all on my side, I am very proud of you.

Do well and don't forget to call home.

We love you!

Ty - Happy 21st Birthday, today! I can't believe you're 21! TWENTY-ONE!!! You're finally legal. You made it! Glad to have you back home. I cried when you left too! Funny how all little birds grow wings and fly.... We love you too!

A.J. - you better stay put for a while....! Mom says!!! We love you too!

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