Friday, October 3, 2008

It's raining oh, it's raining again....

Couldn't you just hear Supertramp???

So, it has officially been raining for two days! Summer is OVER!

The trees around town and on my way home in the country, are starting to turn those beautiful Fall colors - russet reds, vibrant yellow, rusty orange. I love, love, love it!!! (the colors, not so much the rain!)

9 years in Washington State did me in when it comes to the rain. 9 years x 9 months out of the year - RAIN, RAIN, and MORE RAIN!

But, although, we do get our fair share of rainy days, you just can't beat the seasons here - and all the beauty that comes with them. I really do like Grants Pass, Oregon.

On to the next fun stuff...

Here are a couple of fun decorations I found at Craft Warehouse.

This darling Witches Hat on a Candle Holder. Too stinking cute. Did I buy it? NO. I just admired it and then went to the fabric store and the Salvation Army to find fabric and a old candlestick so I could re-create my own. It'll probably cost more than $22, but at least it'll be original, right?

Then, I found these darling little creatures. I've always liked this type of vintage Halloween decor. Very Nightmare-like too! Did I buy these tricksters? NOPE! But, I did buy some papier mache to sculpt my own. Will I? Who knows! Who has the time? Someday, maybe....???

New word of my life - AMBITION. Go ambitious one...Go.


KCAimee said...

Is Craft Warehouse kind of like Hobby Lobby?

patinamarie said...

Our shop lead used to live in Kansas and has mentioned Hobby Lobby. We don't have them around here, but it sounds like the same type of store. Like Michael's?

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