Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Picture NOT AVAILABLE!!!! Thank Goodness!!!!

So, to all those who care, I got the bug anyway. All my chanting, snorting natural nose spray (to rinse nasal passages and "kills bugs dead!"), and drinking that nasty Airborne and I got sick ANYWAY!!!

Thanks to all who have wished Phillip and I well. He went to the Dr. today and got something to help him sleep and suppress the coughing. He is, by far, worse than I am. He has been under the weather since last Thursday - tomorrow will be one week! I can hardly mother him cause I feel like shit too! My nose is so red, sore and chapped that I can hardly stand to touch it with a Kleenex - even the ones saturated with Aloe! I can't breathe. My ears are clogged, yet the two of them keep taking turns making that high pitched squeeky noise. I'd be surprised if I'm the only one that can hear it.

So, off to bed with hopes that tomorrow brings a healthy, new day.....keep hope alive....and I'll keep chanting...."I don't want to be sick...I don't want to be sick." Should've bought stock in Kleenex!!!!

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