Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Gonna Getcha Good....

...and good I got him! Now, I'm just waiting for the pay-back...

So, the prank went down like this:

I'm ditching work today, trying to get on that stay-home-Wednesday-and-Friday schedule.

He calls me around 11:30 a.m.-ish.

I'm in town running errands. We talk about food. What he's doing for lunch. What I'm doing for lunch, etc... I'm headed back home; he's going to the Friday buffet with all the guys at work.

About a 1/2 hour later, I call him, all outta breath and begin my excited, fast-speak....I'm all,

"Honey, guess what??? .... You're NEVER gonna believe this!!!! 

Uh, I just picked up Janice from work and uh, we're gonna go to lunch, and, well, remember the old Goodwill building??? 

The one with those really cool, old barn doors with the glass in them separating the spaces...The one's that I told you about? That I love so much? Well, you know how they're moving and stuff? 

Well, they have a FOR LEASE sign. 

And, well, Janice and I stopped. And the owner was there. And, well, we leased the place. 

We're gonna have a studio in the back - in the space behind those cool, old doors -  and have a store in the front.

 It has big windows. 

And it has a parking lot. 

Places for people to park and stuff. 

Not like those houses we've looked at that would be perfect and cute and stuff, but have no place where people can park. 

It's perfect!!!! 

I'm SO excited!!! 

I'll talk to you about the details more tonight. 

Janice and I are going to lunch to celebrate!!! 

Love you."

I DID NOT LET HIM GET IN A WORD....Until the end.....

His response was, "Really? O.K. I'll talk to you about it later."

Then we hung up.

Knowing he was at lunch with all the guys, I waited about 5 minutes, then sent him a text ....

"April Fools!!! I'm not with Janice. I'm not at the Goodwill either!"

His reply: "You suck! You got all of us good!!! I owe you for that one.."

Uh OH!!!!

Nice to know, that he'd be supportive and so would the other guys at work...I love it!!!

Happy Friday....

ETA: I was wondering what a place like that rents for...the internet is such a wonderful resource...

There it was..."Goodwill location on 6th"....6500 sq. ft. - $4000/mo. nnn (triple net - means rent + property taxes + insurance) WHOA!!! outta my price range..... I'll just keep dreaming about one of those little houses with no parking....


Marilyn said...

Good one! I might have waited a bit longer for the text, though! ♥♫

Ginger said...

Way to go! I didn't do anything. He's lucky. I had an idea involving his newly acquired toy (iPad) but thought since he just got it two days ago, it might not be so funny. Oh well, maybe I could make up for it by plugging his nose when he is sleeping. THAT is always good for a laugh!

Barbara Jean said...

Oh you got me too. I was so excited for you and Janice, and ready to pack my bags and come visit.
I was at the same time wondering how you were going to run a business, when you already have one.

good foolin'.


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